3rd - 5th grade

What is Sleep? 
Brainstorming activity poses the question "What is sleep and why do we need it?" Students will pair up to respond to a series of questions about sleep, and share their findings with the class. For homework, students will record a sleep diary for one night. Then they will practice math concepts by creating a chart based on the data from the sleep diaries.

Sleep Hygiene 
Students share details about their bedtime routines, sleep schedules and sleep quality in a classroom discussion about individual sleep habits. For homework, students will identify which household items promote good sleep habits and which ones have a negative impact on healthy sleep. They will color and cut out images of the items and paste them onto a sheet with sections labeled "bedroom" and "family room."

What Sleeps in the Biomes? (3-5 Version)
The book "The Animals Sleep: A Bedtime Book of Biomes" is used as an introduction to biomes and their plant and animal inhabitants. After reading the book out loud to the class, the teacher will lead a discussion about biomes, followed by an activity session.