"Every Night, Sleep Right" Classroom Poster

Along with nutrition and exercise, healthy sleep is one of the three pillars of a healthy lifestyle. Healthy sleep is especially important to a child’s growth and development. Children who sleep well are healthier and happier. They also are more alert and ready to learn in the classroom.

As a teacher you play an important role in helping your students develop healthy sleep habits that will last a lifetime. With your help, your students can begin to understand that bedtime is the best time of the day.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) encourages you to download this free poster for display in your classroom. We hope the poster sparks your students’ imagination and gets them thinking about the importance of sleep.

Thank you for investing your time and talents in the education of children!

Right click on the image below and select "Save image as" to download the poster as a JPEG file that you can share online or on social media. Click on the “Download as PDF” hyperlink to download a higher quality file that you can print.

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