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Tips to Avoid Drowsy Driving

To avoid drowsy driving you must make the right choices before and after you get in the driver’s seat. Rolling down the windows or turning up the volume on the radio will do little to increase your alertness while driving. Instead, follow these eight tips to stay safe and alert behind the wheel:
  1. Get a full night of sleep before driving, especially when going on a long trip. 
  2. Arrange for someone else to give you a ride when you are tired or when you know that you will be unable to get enough sleep. 
  3. Avoid driving late at night. 
  4. Avoid driving alone. 
  5. Share the driving with another passenger when taking a long trip. 
  6. Never take any medications that cause sleepiness before or while driving. 
  7. Use caffeine for a short-term boost. 
  8. Pull over at a rest stop or in a safe parking lot and take a nap when you feel drowsy.